Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dare to Dream

I have hated the city and then loved the city and then hated it and then loved it and this cycle never ends. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Currently, I wish I was living in a city, in a high-rise building which has one of those big windows that overlook a myriad of lights, traffic and buildings around. Somehow it makes me feel lonely in a way I want to feel.

So, to make up for living in a place that everyone calls city, but isn't really one, I have wanted to photograph the exact view I was talking about earlier for the longest time. I know a store that has this exact picture for sale, its a huge framed photograph which instills that feeling in me everytime I look at it. Call it pride, or a need to find that place and capture it on my own, I cannot buy it. I want to find this view myself, photograph it and hang it in my living room so that I can stare at it every single day and feel even more miserable that I don't live there! (It's hard to remain sane when you harbor twisted feelings inside your head).

To make up for what's been missing, I took this photograph. It makes me feel like I am looking out a window that has lots of lights and activity. Plus it was fun to try this new technique of creating a light bokeh.

Some more...that gives floating effects to the lights.


Sometimes I wonder how it is that people admire the photos that are so easy to create (like a light bokeh or that famously popular milky water effect) and don't pay much attention to something that took hours of study to get it right. I do the same too! Anyway, here is a super easy technique, but something that arouses curiosity about the method neverthless.

With Love

(These photos are really poor quality due to a high ISO setting and also lack any creativity in terms of composition, but it is my first attempt at this and I am really excited, so I went ahead and posted it).



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